Our Church Family

When the members of our congregation were asked what keeps them coming back, almost everyone used the word "family" in one context or another. Some spoke of the closeness we enjoy as a body of Christ during worship; others mentioned the unconditional love we share every day of the week. There is a feeling of unity that St. John's members treasure and often have never experienced in any other church. 

Being a family means accepting, supporting, and being there for each other - literally and figuratively. Food is supplied without asking; favors done without recompense. When something is broken, someone will fix it. We pray for each other and the world around us. This kind of dedication involves effort but is the most rewarding work there is. Anything done for the least of our bretheren benefits us all. Regardless if a member has attended since childhood or found us much later as an adult, St. John's strives to be a place to call your spiritual home - in every sense of the word.

A Long History   

Hope Township is one of the earliest planned communities in the United States, having been established by German Moravians in 1769. They knew what they wanted to achieve, evident on several early planning maps, which detail streets, homes, wells, businesses, farms, a school, tavern and church. After a formal survey of the Village completed on November 26, 1774, the community was officially accepted by The Moravian Church and the name was changed from Greenland to Hope on February 8, 1775, by drawing lots. After almost 40 years of the Moravian “experiment” in Hope, the community was sold and almost all of the Moravians migrated to Bethlehem or Nazareth, Pennsylvania.

Methodism in our community dates from 1785, the accepted date of origin of the Union Methodist Church. Francis Asbury first visited this part of New Jersey in 1786; pioneer preaching was first done near the site of Union Cemetery just North of 1-80. Land for a church and cemetery was donated and a meeting house was con­structed in 1810. Prior to this, the people of Methodist faith traveled approximately two miles from Hope to Union Church to worship. In 1831, there was a sufficient number of people from the Hope area to establish a church in the town. St. John's church was officially dedicated in 1832. For a detailed church history, please download
A History of St. John's Church  We proudly celebrated our 175th anniversary in 2007. 

Through the Generosity of a Member...

St. John's recently got a much needed face lift of new siding. This was indirectly paid for by a very generous gift of stock bequeathed to St. John's by a long standing member. As the stock owners wanted to regain their shares, they will be sold in installments over time. The first sale netted enough money to pay for the siding, which will not only enhance its appearance but help to preserve the building.

We continue to celebrate this good fortune and our committment to a even longer future for this house of fellowship and worship.  


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